• Bärenbad

NaturaRonda Sulden

Bear Bath, Evopäd® and suspension bridge

The Bear Bath: According to the legend, there was a brown bear in Sulden, who had chosen this spot for bathing. In the fresh spring and glacier water he could bath with great relish. Even today, bathing takes place in the bear bath. Small and larger “bears” enjoy a dip in the spring water, sneek over the barefoot path or climb into the tree house.

The EVOPÄD®-Parcours in Sulden are a worthwhile excursion destination. On flat terrain, there are seven stations that stand for the “seven intelligences” of man which are being balanced in a playful way.

The suspension bridge with a length of 44m leads 22m high from one side of the valley to the other and connects two trails. The crossing of the 150cm wide bridge is like a little test of courage. The wavering over the thundering water is not for everyone.


NaturaRonda is an experience
for the whole family and
freely accessible during summer


Fun and relaxation,
balance and thrill