• Gumperle Weg

Forest animal trail Gumperle

In an entertaining and playful way, parents and children are given valuable information about our local forest animals at the forest animal trail “Gumperle”. 15 interesting stations offer various challenges to explore.

Together with the forest mouse Ferdinand, parents and children go searching for clues, listening to bird calls, lifting deer antlers, mastering the badger tunnel and climbing the woodpecker hill.

The 2km long circuit trail is easily accessible for families in 1½ hours, including the stops at the different stations.

Gumperle Weg

The forest mouse Ferdinand
accompanies you
on an adventure trip
through the forest

Gumperle Weg

Test the power
of the giant ant,
enter the owl’s house,
climb the gigantic
spider web …

Gumperle Weg