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Treasure hunt in the Talai-woods

Zipf and Zapf are two larch cones, waiting for your visit to the “Talai”-woods. They live together with numerous birds and squirrels, even with deers, in the well-kept larch forest above the village of St. Valentin. If you are a quiet observer, it may be that one of the animals jumps over your toes, as it happened to me.

The small larch cones accompany you and your little ones to the extensive treasure hunt along the nature trail with 13 stations. In addition to tricky games, the trail invites you to fell a tree on your own or to find the right exit in the overgrown tree maze. But too much should not be revealed here – have fun experiencing this treasure hunt on your own!


An interactive way
through the larch forest

Lenght: about 3 km
Difference in height: 100 m


Tip: get a brochure
at the tourist information
and take pen
and paper with you